Westar Oil Company is one of the largest independent pretroleum wholesaler and retailer in South Florida. Our operations are concentrated primarily in the South Florida area.

We have just the right product for our customers and we happen to be strategically located throughout South Florida, to serve small, medium, and major markets. We have  a comprehensive terminal and transportation logistics, transporting millions of barrels of refined petroleum products and alternative fuels.


Fuel Transportation

Success in the transportation industry requires your trucks to be on the road – being productive.  Customers depend on your ability to meet their needs and deadlines.  Westar Oil Company Transportation Logistics.



Our comprehensive product line supports commercial, industrial, and retail operations.  Through our marketing organization, Westar Oil Company is a large wholesale supplier of gasoline and alternative products to resellers and consumers within its market area. On the retail side, we have more than 40 Westar branded stations.

Westar Oil Company Headquarters

2401 NW 30th Ave. | Miami, Fl 33142
Ph: 305- 633- 6030

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